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How olive oil is beneficial to skin

Olive oil is increasingly becoming a popular skin care product nowadays. This is because of the numerous health benefits of olive oil to the skin. As a matter of fact, the Mediterranean people understood the importance of olive oil many years ago. They have been using olive oil for food preparation, medicinal purposes, and skin care for a long time.

Below are the top benefits of olive oil to our skin.

It Prevents Premature Aging

Olive oil contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants that protect our skin and prevent against premature aging.

Vitamin A, E and K in olive oil stimulate cells and restore our skin to a smoother, healthier and firmer complexion. Vitamin E also prevents damaging ultraviolet rays from penetrating the skin layers.

The antioxidants in olive oil protect the skin against free radicals. Free radicals strip skin cells oxygen molecules. This makes skin cells lifeless resulting to wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. Free radicals may also lead to skin cancer. Presence of free radicals also damages elastin and collagen which maintain the elasticity of the skin. In a nutshell, the antioxidants in olive oil nourish, guard and rejuvenate our skin.

The squalene acid in olive oil increases skin the elasticity of the skin, preventing it from sagging.

It is an Excellent Moisturizer

Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer to nourish and soften most skin types. You can combine a few drops of olive oil with your favorite lotion to trap moisture so that your skin remains smooth throughout the day.

Unlike many moisturizers, olive oil does not clog skin pores. The oil penetrates deep into your skin layers cleansing the cells. The antioxidants and vitamins in olive oil repair and sooth cracked, itchy, or chapped skin. They also help to rebuild the moisture barrier of the skin to prevent more moisture loss.

Vitamin K plumps, softens and hydrates the skin. Moreover, the healthy fatty acids in olive oil can lubricate and soften rough skin while the vitamin E treats inflammation, dryness and acne.

It May Have Antimicrobial Benefits

Some of us are cautious when it comes to antibiotics. Did you know that olive oil can be an effective antibiotic? Olive oil can help you treat microbial skin infections since its ingredients have antimicrobial properties.

A mixture of beeswax, olive oil and honey can treat a number of skin conditions such as psoriasis, diaper rash and eczema. Such a mixture may also be helpful against Candidiasis (yeast infections).

Olive oil is also effective alone as an antimicrobial substance against some bacteria.

Tackles inflammatory skin conditions

Olive oil can tackle inflammatory skin conditions. This is because it inhibits the function of Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzymes that play a central role in all inflammation conditions in the body. The antioxidants are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of olive oil.

As a natural remedy, olive oil is a better alternative to ibuprofen and other over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. This is for the simple reason that olive oil being natural is not associated with any side effects.

Enhances Exfoliation

The antioxidants in olive oil can penetrate deep into the skin to remove dirt, dead cells, debris and even blackheads. Regular use of olive oil can significantly improve skin tone. This is because the various ingredients in olive oil promote cell growth.

A common exfoliation method is mixing 1 tablespoon of olive oil with natural sea salt. The mixture is then applied over the skin surface. This combination of olive oil and natural sea salt removes dead and damaged skin cells leaving the epidermis renewed and glowing.

Clears Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a common problem in women after weight loss and pregnancy. When the skin becomes less elastic, it stretches and leaves marks. Hormonal changes during pregnancy also soften fibers in a woman’s skin, and may lead to stretch marks.

Olive oil can be an effective remedy against stretch marks. This is because of its strong antioxidant and moisturizing properties. To zap stretch marks away, massage the affected area with olive oil.

Bottom Line

The benefits of olive oil are endless. It is great for our bodies both internally and externally. Start using olive oil today and reap the benefits of this valuable gift from Mother Nature.


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